Week of May 8, 2022

In John 21:15-17 Jesus asked Simon Peter three times if he love him.  Simon Peter replied that he did love him.  Jesus responded by saying “feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep.”  Jesus was asking Simon Peter to care for his people.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we are called to care for others.  Your mother, or someone who mothered you, may have given you a listening ear and a voice, maybe made you a meal, maybe was there for you when you needed a hand or a hug.  This is also what Jesus wants us to do as disciples.  How are we being called to feed his sheep?  How are we called to make disciples for the transformation of the world?  We’ve been told it’s as simple as sharing our story with someone.  Maybe it’s a kindness we share.

I was getting flowers to plant in my flowerbeds and pots on Saturday with my daughter.  As we headed back to the car, there was an elderly woman standing at my car, her purchases on the hood and leaning on the windshield.  She had also set her purse on the hood and was digging in it for her phone.  My daughter asked me if the lady had any idea that she was at the wrong car.  I was pretty sure she didn’t.

As we approached her, she was calling the police.  Please understand there is quite a dent on the front corner of the car I took to get flowers.  This lady, thinking she was actually at her own vehicle, was calling the police because she was sure someone hit her car while she was in making her purchases.  Is this a chance to show God’s love?  I tried.  I was kind to her when I pointed out that she was at the wrong car and we shared a laugh.  She was also glad we came out before the police arrived, and she moved on to her car and went on her way.

Get up, be God’s witness, and show the world what it means to care for His sheep.  Even if it’s just one little lamb at a time.

Have a blessed week — JB

Blood Pressure Screening — The Parish Nurses will be doing blood pressure screenings after worship this Sunday, May 15.  Stop by and have them check your blood pressure!

Special Music for the summer — There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex for special music for the summer months.  Please share your musical talents with us!  We would love to have you add your gifts to the worship service!  Please get in touch with Linda Plumb if you have any questions.

Volunteer Choir — During the first hymn, anyone and everyone who likes to sing is welcome to come on up to the altar and participate in our volunteer choir.  We just grab a hymnal and go on up to the front and make a joyful noise to show our love of God.  Everyone is welcome!  

Mark Your Calendar – Saturday at 1 pm the UMW, now titled United Women in Faith, is hosting a baby shower to benefit Heartbeat of Monroe and New Beginnings.  A light lunch will be served and we will have a speaker from each organization.  We have room for many more guests!  Please come join us for a fun afternoon that will help those in need!  All are welcome!
It’s a watch party! – The Leadership Team is based on the single board governance model.  It’s been explained and discussed a number of times, most recently at the Leadership Team luncheon March 27 after worship.  We have a chance to hear from Rev. Dirk Elliott as he explains the implementation process via zoom May 12 from 7 – 8:30 pm and repeated May 23 from 10 – 11:30 am.  The meetings will be set up here at the church and everyone is welcome to attend, watch, and discuss the presentation together.