Week of May 15, 2022

Acts 11:1-18

Peter had a vision from God.  At God’s command, the Gentiles were also told of God and led to Him.  They should no longer be separated.  Disagreement does not make them unclean.  So, Peter did what he was told.  As a result, those previously considered unclean were now following Christ and allowed into the fold as it were.

When Peter went back to the others, they asked him a version of “Why exactly did you do THAT?”  Despite Peter’s explanation, he was still in trouble with them.  Peter blamed his situation on God.  He did what he was told and look what happened.

We’ve all been there…I myself have been struggling lately too.  How often have we heard the phrase “Let go and let God” and then promptly forgot that phrase when we most desperately need to let go and let God.

Peter needed to “let go and let God”.  God will take care of it.  Peter did God’s will. God says “ALL are to be part of this clean world…none are to be separate”.

God wants everyone.  Invite them all.

Have a blessed week. — JBJ

If you have a joy or concern you’d like to share with the church (or just with the Pastor), as ever you can forward that directly to Pastor Brad or the office at office.dundeeumc@comcast.net


The power is out! — The circuit breaker box in the sound room is being replaced.  Until that is complete, all electricity, as well as the phone and answering machine, is out in the newer portion of the church.  If you need to get in touch with Pastor Brad, please call his cell phone directly (it’s in the church directory) or send him an email.  If you need to contact the church office, please call Jill on her cell phone (it’s also in the directory) or send an email to the church’s email address.  Thanks for your patience!

Special Music Sign-up – Do you have a musical talent you’d like to share with us during morning worship this summer?  We’d love to have you!  There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex by the touch letters if you’d like to take a Sunday to worship through music!  See Linda Plumb if you have any questions!

Volunteer Choir — During the first hymn, anyone and everyone who likes to sing is welcome to come on up to the altar and participate in our volunteer choir.  We just grab a hymnal and go on up to the front and make a joyful noise to show our love of God.  Everyone is welcome! 

Happy Birthday, Church! — It’s nearly Pentecost.  Let’s give our church a birthday present that will last all summer! We are looking for donations of red and white flowers to plant in the planters and around the sign in front of the church.  No particular kind of flower is needed, just red and white ones.  They may be left in the lawn outside the kitchen door.  If anyone would like to help plant them, contact Linda Plumb.  Thank you in advance!

Thank you! — The UWiF  thanks you for supporting the baby shower on Saturday.  Heartbeat of Monroe and New Beginnings benefit greatly from this event.  It was an informative and enjoyable afternoon!

Look at those islands in the parking lot! — The youth and their leaders cleaned the weeds out of the islands in the parking lot (not to mention a rather stubborn mulberry tree) and put down new mulch.  They did fantastic work that was desperately needed out there.  Thank you so very much to everyone involved! (Pictures below courtesy of Louise Proctor)

Please Help Us! — The worship committee is seeking ideas from our congregation on what it means to be a great dad.  Please share, in a couple sentences, what makes your father a great dad.  Some ideas:  What values did he instill in you?  What qualities did/does he have?  A favorite memory.  Maybe even a feeling you get when he comes to your mind.  Bring your answers to church on Sunday or email them to the church office at dundeeumc@gmail.com and they will be forwarded on to the committee.  Thanks for your input!
It’s a watch party! – The Leadership Team is based on the single board governance model.  It’s been explained and discussed a number of times, most recently at the Leadership Team luncheon March 27 after worship.  Rev. Dirk Elliott will host a workshop, via zoom, May 23 from 10 – 11:30 am, that discusses the growth cycle of the church and how the single board governance model supports the most effective portions of that cycle.  The meeting will be set up here at the church and everyone is welcome to attend, watch, and discuss the presentation together.