Week of July 3, 2022
2 Kings 5:1-14

Naaman was an important guy.  He was a great army commander of the time and well-thought-of by his master because of his victories.  Though, like the rest of us, he had his issues.  In particular, he suffered from a skin disease.

In an effort to get treatment for this, he traveled by chariot for a whopping 700 miles to reach Israel.  He stopped by to see the king and leave gifts, per etiquette of the time, and then went to see Elisha.  He’d been told that Elisha could heal him.  When he arrived at Elisha’s however, Elisha wouldn’t even see him.  A servant relayed the message…go and wash in the Jordan.  Do it seven times.  Then you’ll be clean.

Seriously?  Didn’t Elisha even know who he was?  Naaman felt he deserved to be talked to directly and healed with a hand-wave or something showy.  Do you ever feel like that?  I’m important!  Don’t I deserve to be treated better than [insert your particular incident here]?

But, as was pointed out to Naaman, wouldn’t he have done something difficult to be cured?  And to think about it, he already rode 700 miles in a chariot…that’s not a comfortable ride.  So, do something easy…wash and be clean.  Naaman got over himself, washed the 7 times, and was made clean.

Listen to the word of God.  Wash, and be clean.  Then come join him at the table as family.

Have a great holiday week.
Grief Support — The Grief Support group will shift from their current program to a national program called Grief Share in August.  Please contact Barb Longenbarger for more information and your availability.  We’d like everyone that is interested in and needs the support to have a meeting time they can make.  Stay tuned for more information!

Outdoor Service for July — We’ll hold our next outdoor service July 17.  We’ll have another opportunity to worship together underneath the heavens as God created them.  Remember to bring your lawn chairs!

Our Church Needs You!  The goal of the DUMC has always been to work together to make a difference in our community and the world.  Our church needs you to volunteer and be a part of our church team!  You are needed to volunteer your time to see that our missions and goals are met.  We are asking you to look into your heart and step forward to volunteer your time as a member of our various church programs and events. We are currently looking for volunteers for the memorial fund committee, the missions committee, and the hospitality committee.  For more information, contact:
          Memorial Fund — Diane Ziesmer 
          Missions – Shirley Massingill
          Hospitality — Shirley Massingill

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