Week of November 6, 2022

Luke 20:27-38

Jesus is all about sharing the kingdom of God.  The question presented to Jesus by the Sadducees’ in this passage from Luke was intended to make Jesus look like a fraud.  It was to be an “unanswerable” question regarding the wife of the seven brothers.  The Sadducees’ focus in their question, though, was regarding earthly customs and assumed things in heaven would be just as they are on earth.

God has a better way.  Jesus responded as such to the Sadducees and they left him without a word.  Jesus continued his work, planting seeds of knowledge about God’s love.  These seeds germinate and grow within us, allowing us to bear fruit.  The fruit that sustains us helps us to lead others to know him.

What is left after we’ve consumed that fruit?  The seeds.  Seeds that can be shared with others.  It all goes around if you work at it.  So go out and plant those seeds of the knowledge and understanding of God’s love through Jesus Christ.  

Amen?  Amen!

Have a blessed week!

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