Week of December 11, 2022

Isaiah 35:1-10

Luke 1:46b-55

Randy Lee shared the message with us yesterday as Pastor Brad was with the London and Azalia churches.  You can find the service on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel.

The idea of having a “sacred space” can be seen throughout the Bible.  In Exodus, chapter 3, Moses finds himself in the rare position of actually having a conversation directly with God.  After God calls Moses and introduces himself, he tells Moses to take off his sandals because the ground is holy.  The ground, that space, is holy because God is there.

A sacred space can be any location, anywhere, because God is everywhere.  It is the presence of God that makes the space sacred.  The church is considered a sacred space because we gather to worship God and God is here with us.  The building is not sacred because of its location or its function, it is sacred because God is here and we strive to spend time with him here.  

Randy offered this suggestion to us…make your sacred space in your heart.  It is always with you.  Take your time and listen to it!  Practice Intentional Christianity–take time every day to go into that sacred space and spend time alone with God.

To quote the youth that lit the Advent candles and did the readings, can I get an Amen?  AMEN.

Have a blessed week as you intentionally seek the company of God.

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