Week of December 25, 2022

Isaiah 52: 7-10

John 1: 1-14

Take a moment today, the day after the holiday, on the day we begin to settle down from the excitement of Christmas, to repeat this prayer from yesterday’s service and reflect on what it means to have this new child, and all He means to us, in our midst.

It is interesting, O God of Miracles and Light, that we think of Christmas Day as the final destination for the journey on which we have embarked. Advent was the time of preparation, a time to examine our lives, our hopes, our fears. It was a time to place our trust in your never-failing love and to move again toward you, through the darkness to your Light. We are exhausted from our preparation for this season. The demands of the world have been heavy. But we are here to hear again the powerful reminder of  your love which was intended for us throughout all of time. In the beginning of all creation your Light was given to illuminate the majesty of this place; your light shined forth through the lives of the prophets, and most especially through Jesus your Son.

We are bathed in that light this day and reminded that this journey has now begun. For once the light has been given, it cannot be hidden…..it pours out of those whom it has touched. Send us forth into this world in service to the Light.

Healing and Comforting God, we have spoken within our hearts the names of people and situations which need your loving touch. Our hearts ache for those who are ill and for those who mourn. We feel that we cannot do enough for them, but we trust in your comforting love to be with them on this journey. For those who feel lost and alone, seeking God, we ask that you help us to reach out to them with your good news of great and abiding love. For all the situations in our world this day, where there is warfare, oppression, strife, all the hideous ways in which your beloved people can suffer, God, please lay your hand of healing love on them. Help them to feel your powerful presence with them, guiding and  strengthening. These things which we have spoken with our lips and our hearts we offer in confidence of your eternal love.


To watch yesterday’s service in full or in part, click here.

Have a blessed and wonder-filled week.

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