Week of December 18, 2022

Many of us look for signs to help us know what to do, or we wish we could have our own personal angel visit us to let us know the “right” next steps. Uncertainty is a fact of life–this seems ever more true. This week we remember that there is a Christ within us constantly birthing wisdom and a deep knowing if we will but listen with a contemplative heart. Let us seek out quiet in order to hear the voice that brings peace by gently saying, “do not be afraid.”

Isaiah 7:10-16

Matthew 1:18-25

During this season of Advent, we have been marking sacred time, people, and space with the anointing of oil, lotion, or touch. This week is the countdown to Christmas with all the harried preparations of wrapping last minute gifts, planning the meal and time with family, traveling, or whoever else you need to get ready.
It will be more difficult to find occasions to step away, to go within, to find the peace that we all need. But I encourage you to try finding some peaceful time for yourself. I also want to invite you to a kind of “anointing” of blessings that only takes a few seconds. See if you can dare to say, in your own way, a blessing for peace to the people you encounter. It might be “I hope you can find some quiet moments of peace for yourself this week” to the check-out clerk at the store. Or it might be a more formal “peace be upon your soul” to someone who may look at you funny when you say that to them. Or it could just be a quick peace sign and a joyful “Peace to you!” as you part ways with friends. How might you bestow the blessing of peace
on yourself and others this week?

Click here to watch yesterday’s service.

Have a blessed week and a Merry Christmas!

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